About Us

At Drawing Brush, underpinned by our longstanding manifesto, we are on a mission to ensuring that every artist, all around the world, can effortlessly display their craft and passion anywhere, and at any time. By making it easy to set their imaginations in motion everywhere they go, we are committed to helping artists realize and take full advantage of their creative talents, by providing them with affordable, high-quality drawing & painting tool watercolor brush pens.

Nature abounds, and we are surrounded by her beautiful and amazing sights and sounds. For an artist, being able to document the treaties of nature at every turn is a massive thrill. With our drawing tools set, we are finally putting the power back into the hands of artists… to be able to paint at any and every turn!

The convenience of our amazing drawing & painting tools cannot be overstated! For both professional and amateur painters and artists, nothing screams ease and comfort than being able to perfectly draw or paint anywhere, without the burden of having to carry color pallets or a cup of water all around. With your sketchbook and our watercolor brush pens in hand, you can submit yourself to the beauty of nature and let your imagination wander unrestricted! We put the fun and ease back into painting, and remove the associated mess!

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our drawing & painting tools set. Create the same wide ranges of effects as you would with a paint brush, and enjoy the versatility and convenience that comes with using a brush pen without having to bring a separate water supply or make a mess. 

Enjoy our amazing high-quality coloring brush pens everywhere you go. Stay organized, paint anywhere you are and exploit the convenience and ease that comes with our watercolor brush pen set! Get yours now